Poznań Reasoning Week, 05-10.09.2016, Poznań

Poznan Reasoning Week (print version)
Poznań, Poland, 5-10.09.2016


In recent years we are witnessing a cognitive turn in logic. It results in inclusion of some areas of cognitive science, psychology and computer science into its hard core. Consequently, logic becomes capable of modelling actual cognitive activity of real life agents. This turn does not create a rival for the mathematical logic: it forms a next step in the development of logic. It also reminds that for many centuries logic stood in a close and natural relationship to the science of actual reasoning processes.

Poznań Reasoning Week, consisting of three conferences, aims at bringing together experts from various fields, whose research focus on reasoning processes and their modelling from three perspectives:

  1. the interplay of logic and cognition (Logic and Cognition 2016);
  2. formal modelling of reasoning and argumentation (14th ArgDiap);
  3. natural question processing (QuestPro 2016).

Logic and Cognition 2016 , 5-6.09.2016
Logic and Cognition is an initiative focusing on research on the interplay of logic, cognitive science, psychology and computer science which aim at sheding the light on actual reasoning processes. In particular we invite submissions on:

  • applications of logic to the analysis of actual human reasoning,
  • tools and methods suited for such applications,
  • neural basis of logical reasoning,
  • educational issues of cognitively-oriented logic.

14th ArgDiap: Formal Models of Reasoning and Argumentation , 7-8.09.2016
In a joint initiative with ArgDiap organisation we invite submissions on theory and practice of argumentation, formal modelling of argumentative processes, dialogue and persuasion, and empirical research on these phenomena.

QuestPro 2016 , 9-10.09.2016
There is only a little exaggeration in saying that fluency in reasoning with questions is a landmark of human intelligence. Question processing is a crucial factor in information processing in general, and more often than not the effectiveness of the latter depends on successfull execution of the former. The main purpose of QuestPro 2016 is to assess the state-of-the-art in research on questions and questioning, from the point of view of both logic and its applications to modelling natural language processes, thus bridging the gap between formal and empirical research in this field.


[ArgDiap / L&C] Ruth Byrne (The University of Dublin)
[L&C] Adam Chuderski (Institute of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University)
[QuestPro] Ivano Ciardelli (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Universiteit van Amsterdam)
[QuestPro] Jonathan Ginzburg (UFR d’Études anglophones, Université Paris-Diderot)
[QuestPro] Yacin Hamami (The Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
[QuestPro] Philipp E. Koralus (University of Oxford)
[L&C] Michiel van Lambalgen (Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, Universiteit van Amsterdam)
[ArgDiap / L&C] Keith Stenning (Edinburgh University)
[ArgDiap] Andrzej Wiśniewski (Institute of Psychology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)


We invite you to submit proposals for contributed talks and posters.

  • 2-3 pages extended abstracts (including bibliography).
  • Please use the llncs LaTeX class for abstracts; for details go here: https://poznanreasoningweek.wordpress.com/cfp/
  • Abstracts should contain name of the author (authors), affiliation and e-mail address.
  • Send PDF and TEX file to Dorota.Leszczynska@amu.edu.pl.
  • In the e-mail title please indicate:
    • Title of the submission.
    • The event you want to submit your work to (L&C 2016, 14th ArgDiap or QuestPro 2016).
    • Contributed talk or Poster.


Authors of the abstracts accepted as presentation or poster are invited to submit their original research for publication in a special issue of „Logic and Logical Philosophy” . Papers must be in the order of 6000 to 8000 words (including references), and must address one or more of the conference themes, whether from an empirical or a more conceptual perspective.
Special issue submissions details will follow soon. Submitted manuscripts will follow the usual review process of the journal.


Logic and Cognition 2016: 5-6.09.2016 (including PRW poster session) – 30 EUR
PRW 2016 poster session: 6.09.2016 – 30 EUR
14th ArgDiap: 7-8.09.2016 – 50 EUR
QuestPro 2016: 9-10.09.2016 – 30 EUR
Poznań Reasoning Week (all events): 5-10.09.2016 – 70 EUR

Participants from countries with underfunded academic institutions are invited to apply for a financial support (reduction of the conference fee, travelling costs refund). All correspondence concerning the financial support should be directed to Pawel.Lupkowski@amu.edu.pl.

Participation (without a talk or a poster) in the PRW 2016 events is free, however we ask you to register.


  • Submission deadline: 30.06.2016
  • Notification: 22.07.2016
  • Camera ready abstracts: 29.07.2016
  • Logic and Cognition 2016: 5-6.09.2016
  • 14th ArgDiap: 7-8.09.2016
  • QuestPro 2016: 9-10.09.2016

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