Konferencja: Syntax Meets Semantics (SYSMICS 2016), 05-09.09.2016, Barcelona

5-9 September 2016, Barcelona (Spain)



Substructural logics are formal reasoning systems that refine classical logic by weakening structural rules in a Gentzen-style sequent calculus. Intuitionistic, many-valued, linear logics, are typical examples. Traditionally, substructural logics have been investigated using proof theoretic and algebraic methods. In recent years, combined approaches have started to emerge. The programme of the SYSMICS conference will focus on interactions between syntactic and semantic methods in substructural logics. This conference is the first of a series of meetings planned in the SYSMICS RISE project during 2016-2019.

Featured topics
Contributed talks can be on any topic related to substructural logic.
This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

* Algebraic structures in CS
* Algebraic logic
* Coalgebraic aspects of logic
* Categorical methods in logic
* Gentzen systems
* Lattice theory
* Lattices with operators
* Linear logic
* Mathematical fuzzy logic
* Non-classical logics
* Ordered algebraic structures
* Proofs and Types
* Stone-type dualities
* Topological semantics

Programme Committee
Stefano Aguzzoli (University of Milano)
Nick Bezhanishvili (University of Amsterdam)
Agata Ciabattoni (Vienna University of Technology)
Petr Cintula (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Pilar Dellunde (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Brunella Gerla (University of Insubria)
Lluis Godo (CSIC – IIIA Barcelona)
Ramon Jansana (University of Barcelona)
Jan Kühr (University of Olomouci)
Antonio Ledda (University of Cagliari)
George Metcalfe (University of Bern)
Carles Noguera (Czech Academy of Sciences)
Luca Spada (University of Salerno, chair)

Organising Committee
Pilar Dellunde (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Joan Gispert (University of Barcelona)
Ramon Jansana (University of Barcelona)
Lluis Godo, (CSIC – IIIA Barcelona, Chair)
Diego Valota (CSIC – IIIA Barcelona)

Deadline for submissions 30 April 2016
Notification of acceptance 30 May 2016
Conference dates 5-9 September 2016

The Programme Committee accepts submissions of abstracts ranging from 2 to 4 pages. The abstracts should be formatted according to EasyChair style, instructions can be found at: http://easychair.org/publications/easychair.zip .
Abstracts can be submitted at the following address:
A short text-only abstract will also be requested during submission.

Expression of interest
Expressions of interests will be greatly appreciated, please fill in the simple form on the conference web site under „Express Interest”. This will help the Organising Committee with their planning. You can also opt-out from receiving future announcements by following the instructions on the conference web site.

More Information
SYSMICS 2016 web site: http://sysmics-16.iiia.csic.es/

Use this site for local information, including hotel accommodations, for travel information and registration.

Queries regarding registration, hotel accommodations, financial support and reimbursements, technology infrastructure, abstract submission guidelines, etc. should be sent to sysmics-oc@iiia.csic.es.

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